waxing photoUsing different high quality blended waxes for different applications especially sensitive areas for eyebrow waxing and brazilian bikini waxing.

  • Azulene Wax for General Waxing
  • Soft Italian Fruit Cream Wax for facial hair removal as this contains zinc oxide as a buffer to minimize redness
  • Rose Essential Hard Wax for Brazilian bikini waxing used for its lower melting temperature for delicate areas

Waxing is one of the most common methods of hair removal, with results lasting up to six weeks. Although slightly uncomfortable, the results are worth it.

Hair from the face (eyebrows, upper lip, chin), underarms, leg, bikini line, back and chest can be removed. Re-growth will vary, depending on each individual.

Tracy is specially trained in waxing delicate areas (ie. Brazilian) for both Women and Men!

First 24 hours

  • Only unscented products should be used on waxed areas for 24hrs
  • No sun exposure for 24 hrs
  • Caution should be taken with hot baths & showers for 24 hrs
  • Loofa or Sisal sponge should be used to exfoliate the waxed area¬†2 days after waxing treatment and continued until hairs have grown back in,¬†this is to help prevent the occurrence of ingrown hairs.

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