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The skin is largest organ of your body…..you can’t afford not to invest in it!

The Naturmed product line includes active natural ingredients and essential oils derived from an array of medicinal plants known for their therapeutic and healing properties. By combining phytotherapy with aromatherapy, Naturmed has designed treatment products to de-stress the skin while increasing its own natural defenses and regulating imbalances naturally and effectively.

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The Naturmed name is quite simply derived from the union of the words natural and medicinal. Producedin Italy expert cosmetic chemists and co-developed by Cristina D. after years of intensive research in the professional field of beauty.

Express (35 minutes)

The quick fix for those who can’t find the time. This 35 minute treatment includes cleansing, toning, a dermal scrub, massage, masque and a day cream.

Deep Cleanse (1 hour)

Dirt and oil beware…you cannot hide, this takes the express facial further with a fruit acid renewal masque under steam. An Aloe & vitamin E gel blended with clarifying liposomes to deep clean pores even further and to soothe the skin after extractions. In addition a camphor masque is used to control oil secretions.

Hydration (1 hour)

Dry skin can be very problematic especially in the winter months. What makes this facial so effective is the intense hydro liposomes to replenish moisture and to balance dry, dehydrated skin. A replenishing masque adds to the wealth of moisture bombarding the skin for lasting results.

Enhance All Facials (extra 1/2 hour)

This extra 1/2 hour is well worth the time and money. This alginate masque with a bio-marine activator will leave your skin feeling like it has never felt before.

The seaweed alginate controls oil secretions for acne prone skin.
The Vitamin C alginate soothes easily irritated, sensitive skin including rosacea.

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